About iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It

Our World

iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It believes in unlimited boundaries for making a positive difference in the lives of its iCare kids. Though based in the United States, iCare has kids all over the world that need our help.

Our immediate reach starts here in the USA. As we experience financial growth from our donor-base we will be best suited to extend our boundaries, develop further relationships with other charitable organizations of like-minds which will enhance our boundaries to places i.e. South America, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bahamas Islands, etc.

Our iCare Kids

Our iCare kids start out in life lacking most of the common amenities mainstream kids enjoy.

Our iCare kids would consider running water, eating 3 meals a day, having their own clothes, a pair of shoes, a bicycle, belonging to a family, having transportation, having heat or AC or medical attention, etc. as luxuries. And their chances of enjoying these common ‘luxuries’ are not likely to be experienced, if they are forgotten.

Our iCare kids cannot afford to join a football, baseball, soccer or tennis team. They cannot afford the tuitions for higher education, specialized career choices i.e. culinary schools, extra-curricular activities, etc., and consequently, they stop dreaming because they cannot see past their circumstances!     

Our Solution

With the concerted efforts of its donor-base, iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It provides the solutions by meeting the needs of our iCare kids. Through one-time and or regular monthly financial donations, donated goods, property, pertinent supplies, etc., as well as networking/partnering with other like-minded charitable organizations, our iCare kids needs can be met!

As iCare 'Cause I’m Worth It supplies the necessary support, educational materials, scholarship programs, tools and resources to meet the needs of our iCare kids we believe each child will have a greater chance to flourish and be very productive young adults.

Our iCare kids will one day be champions in life, whether by furthering their education, choosing a career in the military, finances, teaching, etc., or become professional athletes. And it is very possible because they will have had the opportunity because you cared!

When our iCare kids can believe, they have hope and when they have hope, they can dream and when they can dream, they can make their dreams come true!

– Dr. Joe