Meet Our Doctor

Joseph Christiano N. D. C.N.C. CNHP, doctor of naturopathy and certified nutritional counselor through Trinity College of Natural Health has spent over 45 years in the field of nutrition and exercise both personally and professionally. He is president of Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® and Dump the Junk America® and Chairman of the Board for iCare 'Cause I’m Worth It.

As an accomplished author, health and fitness life coach and motivational speaker, he has been featured in domestic and foreign magazines such as Central Florida, Iron Man, ‘The Sun’, in London, England plus read in Woman's World, Women's Health and Fitness, Pageantry and New Man.

The former Mr. Florida body building champ, Mr. USA and Mr. America runner-up, has been a featured guest on national radio and television shows such as: WGN, Point of View, CNN Headline News, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. His on-air appearances on the HSN and QVC have resulted in sellouts of his fitness products i.e. The Rock n Roller and books such as his bestseller, "The Answer is in Your Bloodtype" and "Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU".

His health and fitness expertise has transformed the bodies of Hollywood celebrities plus swimsuit winners in the Miss and Mrs. America and USA pageants.

To establish the credibility of his Dump the Junk® Whole-Health’ Curriculum for Kids K-12, Dr. Joe successfully implemented his after school health and fitness pilot program for Obese and At-Risk Students at Stockton Unified School District. (See: Stockton Unified School District Report) The after school program is where iCare 'Cause I'm Worth It was originated.

Using his years of experience as a fitness and nutrition expert, “Dr. Joe” and his team of gifted teachers, writers, health experts and advisors worked together to develop his first phase of curriculum development, Dump the Junk® ‘Whole-Health’ curriculum for kids K-4.

To request Dr. Christiano for speaking engagements, appearances or interviews,
please call Rita Copper at: 1-800-259-2639.